SSS® O-Z Tech Water 1000

SSS® O-Z Tech Water 1000

Item # CLE 15700015

  • Uses Aqueous ozone that is a very powerful oxidizer, even more powerful then bleach and its safe! Eliminates the need for professional cleaning.
  • 8" x 8" x 4" PVC enclosure
  • 120 volt power (3 amp)
  • Flow rate: 1 gallon per minute
Manufacturers Item #20101

Aqueous ozone is a scientifically proven product that uses the air we breathe, electricity and water to make a powerful solution to combat your previous chemicals. Aqueous ozone has been tested and approved for use by FDA, EPA, USDA and OSHA! Eliminates the need to replace water filters on your ice machine. Utilizes separate air dryer that does not need replaced, for ease of use.


  • Creates bottled water quality ice, while still maintaining a safe, clean ice machine.
  • The OZ Tech unit can help eliminate many costly items, and gives you peace of mind that you will not be serving your employees and customers tainted ice.
  • Built to meet World Health Organization standards to achieve bacteria killing.
  • FDA/USDA approved as a food additive.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
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