Spartan White Sun Floor Coating & Finish - 5 Gal.

Item # SPA 405005

  • The futuristic approach to floor finishing. Gloss and clarity come into focus enhancing the overall look of your floors. Excellent leveling.
  • Intensifies the depth with crystal clear transparency
  • Shines clearly w/o yellowing or darkening undertones
5 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #4050-5
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It diminishes the look of imperfections upon application, making flooring surfaces appear less blemished and creating a better than ever appearance.

  • Quick dry time provides a mistake proof applications that quickly builds without developing mop marks or ridges.
  • Works well on nearly every hard floor surface and can be maintained with conventional, high speed and ultra-high speed equipment.
  • Basic routine floor maintenance, regular dust and damp mopping, monthly top scrubbing and re-coating is all that is needed.